View Full Version : These skills I bought are not equipping, help please!

23rd Nov 2015, 04:27
Ok so i been leaving question/topic in a few different sites like gamefaqs and am getting nothing so i thought i would try putting it here. This is driving me crazy. I am only at level 8 but i just purchased "shrapnel" for my gunslinger and for some reason i am unable to equip it. I also purchased "sharpshooter" and am unable to equip that. The reason why i see that i can't equip these skills is because when i am on the skill tree screen and i point the arrow on that skill , the Y button in the middle (on the right side on the bottom screen in the middle where you can designate which skill you want to use) goes dark, it doesn't light up like the other skills that i bought. I really want to use these skills. Someone PLEASE tell me whats going on here?

It happened again with "war mage" for my alchitect... not only will it not let me equip this skill after i bought it... but i just leveled up and used my skill point to buy the next level of "war mage" (the first of 3 upgrades) and it still won't let me equip it. Please anyone! Please help me. What am I doing wrong?? I really want to use these skills and this is very frustrating. Please someone help me. Thank you.

My gunslinger just hit level 21 and still nothing. I was really hoping to use shrapnel but i guess there is nothing i can do about it. I am hesitating to use a skill point to buy an upgrade for shrapnel but i really don't think it will open it up. oh well

Hello?!?!? Is this not happening to ANYONE???? Is this only happening to me??? No one can say anything?? I have posted this problem to 4 different sites and not one person can comment on it, i just don't understand.