View Full Version : [Xbox One] Survival Cache Bug Soviet Installation/Copper Mill [Under Investigation]

22nd Nov 2015, 18:13
I just got to the Geothermal Valley and I decided to go back to the Soviet Installation to 100% complete it but while I was searching for the survival caches, I was trying to get one near or at the top of the Copper Mill but the way to it is blocked by a burning barricade, I've tried the exit above the stairs near it a few times and all it does is push me back. I'm not sure if it is a bug or I just can't find an alternate way to it, either way I need help.(sorry I dont have a picture, I'm on a phone.)

24th Nov 2015, 01:52
Hello there - do you see a window above you in the opposite direction that you can use to exit the area? It should be right near the burning barricade. Is there an invisible wall keeping you from exiting? Any video or photos you could provide would be super helpful.

24th Nov 2015, 03:40
I would be ecstatic to send you pictures so I could skip the trouble of explaining every detail but I'm not sure how to submit photos into this format embarrassingly enough.. Or specifically I'm not quite sure how to get a photo's URL. But to answer your question, there is no wall blocking me from the exit, I can leave perfectly fine. But there is only one exit, the window next to the barricade, that I can find. The sad part/where I'm stuck at is that it doesn't lead to where I want to go(the survival cache). Thanks for replying.