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22nd Nov 2015, 16:28
So now that I have about 125 chests I'd like to ask whether the people behind them honestly think it's worth buying 50.ooo runes to open them all. While I do appreciate the effort with handing out keys in the league the 2 you get for reaching blood doesn't come at all close to the 10 you get by getting there. Not to mention the other 20 or so you get for just playing regularly.

What point is there to open them when most of the time you either get EXP boosters (yeah really helpful with all 10 classes at level 25) and arcane weapons, or the occasional mysterious. Basically most of it is just worth the materials you would get from salvaging them. Sure the Boosters are priced at 400 runes but why would I want one? To break even?

I really hope people wouldn't even buy keys if they were priced at 100 runes that is how lackluster the items in the chests are.

Either start handing out keys by the dozens through the league or change the whole concept. You can make chests be the only drop remove the keys and remove all the "exclusive" items from the chests. So basically you can get weapons, and materials and maybe the abilities with stats, so they work like the material chests you get from daily reward. OR throw in a bunch of skins with different colour palettes and tweak the other items to remove anything with zero value.

23rd Nov 2015, 07:20
Chests are worthless. They will remain worthless until whoever's in charge of the whole dumb greedy mess gets some sense together.

23rd Nov 2015, 08:48
Delete the chests! They are proven to reduce your FPS ingame.
I know it sounds insane, how such a useless item even makes your game worse... but it does.

23rd Nov 2015, 16:13
Deleted them and cleaned up the inventory of other crap but did not increase my fps. So idk.

23rd Nov 2015, 18:14
It doesn't affect your fps, that bug was fixed. It was the one where getting xp interacted with your profile somehow or whatever; it gave you freezes in combat when you got xp; some people have noticed/speculated that deleting inventory makes it better, but there wasn't really a reason to think that a large inventory messes with your fps in general.

24th Nov 2015, 17:13
They should make a "junk" chest with only these mysterious/arcane items and the boosters, AND FOR THE LOVE OF KAIN take them out of the real chests already!!!

I honestly would be more motivated to buy keys and risk it in the chests, if there weren't these junk items that no one wants in them...

ps: the junk chests would not require keys...in case that's not obvious...

24th Nov 2015, 17:28
From the perspective of a new player thinking of getting the expensive pack with everything, it might be worth it to just buy a ton of chests/keys instead and unlock everything left over with gold. It would work out the same price and those players would have a good chance of ending up with decent items after spending that much.

If that is SE's justification, then they have to realise that many of us who have been here longer already have all the basic abilities, making the junk items worthless to us. They have to explore sales options that rely on specific subsets of players.