View Full Version : [Xbox One] Glitch w/ The Visitor" document in Geothermal Valley [Under Investigation]

22nd Nov 2015, 13:03
Hi all, I am experiencing glitch, where I collect the document "The Visitor", I see that has been taken on the map, but in the menu list of documents this is document missing and also on the document counter it say that I am missing one and I collect them all from the guide and that guy have them all in there. And since I collected it, I can go there and picked it up again.

It's also the document which you cannot miss, because its basically in front of you near the bonfire...eehhh campfire. I am not sure if I should keep going for my 100% play through, because this is probably going to be a problem.

Anyone has the same issue? Any words on patch, should I wait for it? It's really frustrating. Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

24th Nov 2015, 01:48
Hey there - we can probably help you out if you send us a screenshot of your Geothermal Valley progress map. Thanks!