View Full Version : [Xbox One] Game breaking bug at The Lost City

21st Nov 2015, 04:21
What platform are you playing on? Xbox One
Main campaign or expedition mode? Main campaign
Chapter? The Lost City
Have you completed the campaign in a different save slot? No
Physical or digital copy? Digital

I am currently on the Gate Crashers objective in The Lost City. I have reached the part where you need to use the trebuchet as a ledge to jump to the tower with the post and supply box. After I anchor the trebuchet blockage to the post and jump back to the trebuchet, I then proceed to turn the trebuchet to increase how taut the rope is. The problem is, the rope does not break the blockage in the trebuchet and free it for use. I can turn the trebuchet as far as it will go, and it still will not break. Therefore, I can not fire at the gate and proceed with the story.

I have attached an image of the rope pulled all the way and still not breaking off the blockage.


24th Nov 2015, 02:18
Hello there! Sorry you hit a bug in the game. We've been able to resolve this issue in an upcoming patch - more info here: http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=183474

In the meantime, we suggest you access a backup save in order to progress prior to the patch dropping.

24th Nov 2015, 06:55
Thanks so much!