View Full Version : Flooded Archives, game ending generator glitch

20th Nov 2015, 18:13
Confronting Anna I encountered a glitch where the cutscene doesn't play and the environment is full of holes, jumping into one of these holes and dying causes the scene to play (minus the floor in some parts), however after shooting the generators Lara...just hangs there. The camera focuses on her model still in the same pose gun out and hanging (from a now invisible rope and she begins to float in whatever direction her momentum was going when the generator exploded until she noclips through the environment, I've tried returning to a previous camp fire, loading a back up save, nothing works, has anyone else encountered this bug/has a way to fix it?

26th Nov 2015, 12:43
Same Problem for me.
To make it even worse: There is no way back (last Backupsave is only "oneway")...