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30th Jun 2002, 09:05
... can be found here:

Thorin Oakenshield
30th Jun 2002, 10:55
You can add my tutorial too if you want. Copy it to your website or direct link it's up to you :)

...here http://www.mseyre.freeserve.co.uk/T&S_tut.htm

30th Jun 2002, 16:31
That is very convenient, Zaccheus, and thank you very much for taking the time to put it together. I might suggest coding an explicit color scheme for links, visited links, and background color to give better visibility. The Netscape defaults for links, which are Blue and purple, do not work well on a black background, at least for my eyes.:)

I am thinking that to provide a more permanent archive we should have some web space where the tutorials are included as pages in the web space itself and not stored as posts in this forum. This way it would be more secure, protected from the possibility of alteration and purges. The web space for a particular area, e.g., Thief, could be accessed by a single fixed link at the top of the page, as opposed to a thread that can sink. I think that Grey Mouser is looking into that idea. The main issues I guess are does Eidos want to donate the web space and contribute to maintaining it. We will see....

If anyone has comments on this idea, please post them.

30th Jun 2002, 16:31

9th Jul 2002, 21:52
Couldn't all these tutorials be posted on DromEd central?

10th Jul 2002, 01:39
Very nice, Zaccheus :)