View Full Version : Can't shoot the guy hanging on Lara's leg

19th Nov 2015, 17:55
Hello, I don't know if this topic was discussed on this forum before, so if I'm repeating someone's question I do apologize for that :). I'm in the lost city and I'm climbing the tower and when I use a grappling hook to help myself climb a warrior catches my leg and I have to shoot him. I can't do do anything, I think I'm out of ammo and I can't choose any other weapon or kick him. And he's killing me. I always use autosave and the last save is before that climb.... Please help me, as much as I love this game I don't want to start over again....

Thank you for your help!!!


19th Nov 2015, 18:06
I have read carefully other threads and I have found out that other people had the same problem and according to your advice I used a back up save :) and I will try it again without losing bullets :-). I am really relieved that I will not lose my progress!