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30th Jun 2002, 08:55
ok tomb raider fans i need your help ok when my niece brought
her tomb raider 3 over to play when we finsh the caves of kayila
she got to pick her adventure but when i play my tomb raider 3
and finsh the caves of kayila i did'nt get to pick my adventure
what am i doing wrong ......:confused:

30th Jun 2002, 09:17
Do you mean that the game crashed and you couldn't go on?

30th Jun 2002, 12:41
Try Stella's site (http://tombraiders.net/stella/tr3warnings.html). Maybe it has the answer you seek.

And this is what I found on Theresa's site:
So What does the Tomb Raider III patch fix???
(posted by Mike "Redlegg" Kelly)
The new patch from Core fixes the following:
1. The level 2 "invisible" wall bug. ( No you cannot use your level 2 saves. All other saves should work)
2. The "stuck in India" bug. This is where you finished India level and then for some unknown reason decide to return after starting another location. If you go back to India you can only start the game over.
3. Some of the volume problems that some users (your truly included) had with the Creative Sound Blaster AWE 64 and AWE 64 gold. This may also help people with AWE 32's, but cannot be confirmed.
4. There is a memory leak that can cause the game to inexplicably drop to the desktop or otherwise crash. That is all that it fixes (at least that is all that Core told M. Schmitt, who told me)
5. There is one new feature added to the game You can now copy the audio folder from the CD to the game directory and all of the ambient sound/music will play from the HD instead of the CD. (boy, I really plugged for this on the release, but they ran out of time.)
6. The patch does not fix the "sound looping" problem that ppl have. This is covered in the readme/support doc sent out with the game. It is solution is to use the hardware specific driver instead of Dsound driver. However, if and when manufacturers update the driver to DX6.0 specifications this should not be necessary.
7. Oh and did I say, YOU CANNOT USE YOUR SAVE GAMES FOR LEVEL TWO WITH THE PATCH! If not now I have. That is all I have for now.-- Mike Kelly

Hope it helps! :)