View Full Version : Geothermal valley bug?

19th Nov 2015, 03:06
Hi guys,

I beat the firefly and was walking through the village after the cutscene. I actually swam back to the original part of the map and was gathering relics etc.

I swam back to that area and cannot get back in. Does anyone know of a way to get back so I can continue in the game? I'm going nuts trying to find a way back in.

21st Nov 2015, 11:23
you end up in geothermal valley lots of times anyway, but i cant quite figure out where you mean from your description, do you mean when you actually swim through the waters to the fight then you face the fire guy?

23rd Nov 2015, 16:34
You should be able to travel between area's once you have opened them. Are you able to post a photo or screencap of where you mean?