View Full Version : How to remove the silencer from weapons? [Resolved/Not a Bug]

19th Nov 2015, 00:23
OK, title says it all really. Xbox One version btw.

Bought a pistol silencer from the supply shack. For some reason I'm now stuck with it on my pistol, but also on the revolvers. Why is it on the revolvers too? Is this right? Can you take it off? Am I missing something here? What's the deal?

I genuinely don't want to be stuck with a silencer on all the weapons. Certainly not the revolvers, that just looks terrible for starters. Erm, yeah, little help please? :scratch:

19th Nov 2015, 00:34
No you can't remove it. Its considered an upgrade so once you add it its there.

19th Nov 2015, 02:51
Confirmed - the silencer stays on the weapon once upgraded.