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Tin Star
30th Jun 2002, 08:30

I know I have not been staying up to date lately but when did all this happen with the new forum?What's going to happen to the old forum?....I like the way this new forum is setup with the different rooms to go to even if I did lose all the post that I had from the old forum its worth it to have all these new opt's.

Tin Star

30th Jun 2002, 13:18
This just happened the day before yesterday and we've all been having fun getting used to the new setup. The old forum will be closed down shortly and this will be our new home. :)

30th Jun 2002, 18:04
Glad to see ya make it in...it's been sortof touch and go for a bit but slowly things are getting back to relative normalness for this group :D How goes by you and your Polictical assignments in the Water Dist.? Hope your not getting too much of a backwash, LOL

Have you seen the news about "Thievery" being released? You'll need a copy of UT ver. 436 to play it. Several of us are now tinkering around with it, getting used to it's gameplay, etc. There's also another Mod out for UT which I and Salvage have been playing recently. It's a TC for UT in a SP mode. Very good and can be found at: http://www.planetunreal.com/teamvortex/
to start finding out about it, etc. They also have a forum for help me's...I'm there as Huntress also. ;)

Hope all is well and see ya Taffer. Ta and Good Hunting!

Tin Star
30th Jun 2002, 23:51
:cool: This is going to take a little getting used to.Seeing what dose what and all.I hope everyone that was on the old forum makes the trip over here.It would be ashame if we lost anyone because they did'nt know about the move.

Tin Star

1st Jul 2002, 12:18
:eek: OMG :eek: Tin Star! Long time no see. What's been going on? Here's a drink on me!:D

Tin Star
1st Jul 2002, 14:17
:) Darkh2o:
Not much been off playing Morrowind,I am playing as a thief so I can keep my skills up to par waiting for Thief 3 to come out.I find it easy to swipe the things in the game.Its not as hard as Thief but it will do for now.They do have some real good quest in the game to play and the story line is good,but you can't do a 100% ghost of the game like you can in thief.Hows things been with yourself?Good I hope.

Tin Star

Theres no honor among thieves

1st Jul 2002, 14:44
I don't like all the eye candy... this board moves slower. :(

Hopefully I'll be back surfing on a REAL internet connection, like cable, withing a couple weeks. :D

1st Jul 2002, 15:32
vBulletin, which is the forum software is, is actually much faster at processing than UBB (the previous software). I haven't noticed a speed loss, however, maybe the forums are now on a different server, or there is a bandwidth cap, or there is more traffic on the boards as a whole due to the new toys to play with. I noticed that the Thief forums are far more active than they were using UBB...


1st Jul 2002, 16:35
Actually they moved house so they wouldn't have to put up with me peering over the back fence every so often. But the fools left a forwarding address!

1st Jul 2002, 17:19
Aaaahhhhhhhh question for Rommel.....
How the hell are you registered since 1969. ;) :eek: :D

1st Jul 2002, 17:39
Good question indeed....

GM fixed my registration date I guess... :p

And about loading speeds, I think my slow down is due to this just being a new board, and there are minor bugs and such. It seems to be faster now since I have all the new cookies. :D

The organization is better. Having Dromed in one folder, general chat, etc. was a good idea. :)

Tin Star
2nd Jul 2002, 00:49
:) I have been reading the post that a lot of us have been making on the old forum about it being the final post over there and you know its kind of like saying goodbyeto a very old and trusted friend.But then I stopped and thought about it for awhile and it dawned on me that old and trusted friend is not gone but has had new life put into it that has made it a better place to be then it was before and a lot more toys to play with.

Tin Star

Theres no honor amung thieves:

2nd Jul 2002, 05:09
I agree that it is going to take some getting used to, but it is good to see all the familiar manes here. :D

2nd Jul 2002, 13:08
Originally posted by Common
, but it is good to see all the familiar manes here. :D

Hey now, I don't have a mane!! I have a name :p

Tin Star
5th Jul 2002, 04:18
I use to have a mane but a lot of it has started to fall out now and its getting mighty thin now making my forehead look a bit higher.:D

Tin Star