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30th Jun 2002, 06:02
VB. Very nice. I like it.

30th Jun 2002, 09:37
/me too

30th Jun 2002, 10:44
Bah I prefer the old forums. But I'm sure we shall get used to the new ones. I like grey any way.

Sick Puppy
30th Jun 2002, 20:03
Looks half decent to me ;)

1st Jul 2002, 13:43
The old forum is the outdated UBB...

VB all the way.

Though, I prefer the old color scheme.

Why didn't they do that?

1st Jul 2002, 20:40
Nah I think this colour is a bit better. But maybe because I dont like blue

(was Sick Puppy)

2nd Jul 2002, 09:31
What do you guys like???
Hey, this forum sucks....... it's FF, FF, FF, FF....... Go and check out the commandos forum, there we discuss more than only the game, a couple of us makes flash movies that we talk about, and we talk about the world cup, soccer, and many things......

Try to do that here too.....


2nd Jul 2002, 10:48
*kicks Kristian back to the Commando's forum*

Anyway, I love blue.. remember the dark blue/yellow color scheme we had at the start of 2000? That one's still my favourite Eidos color scheme ;)

2nd Jul 2002, 16:11
Oh yeah! I remember that one. Definitely better.

Goku Noble Warrior
2nd Jul 2002, 22:04
Vb rocks!!!! not to mention for right now there iscurrently no flood control.

Goku Noble Warrior
2nd Jul 2002, 22:22
Scratch that, somebody just enabled 60 second flood control.

2nd Jul 2002, 22:48
Same as wassent it? At least its not the 90seconds Old Eidos was...

Disorderly Conduct
2nd Jul 2002, 23:42
(Clears throat)


"Hello my name is Kristian and i'm a retard that can't differentiate between the RPG forum of "FFVII" and the war simulating "Commando's" forum! I was just wondering if anyone could use "The Jaws Of Life" to pry my head from inbetween my buttox so i could see where the hell i'm going in the near future! Maybe then i would end up in a forum where people actually give half a damn about playing with army men!!!"

3rd Jul 2002, 00:08
Something like that DC yea... :o

3rd Jul 2002, 09:49

3rd Jul 2002, 11:33
Excellent, excellent! :confused:

(god this is so hollow :()

3rd Jul 2002, 15:36
You're my hero :D

3rd Jul 2002, 21:37
Uh oh.. seems' we've lost Vak ;)

4th Jul 2002, 12:31
Originally posted by Arkron
*kicks Kristian back to the Commando's forum*

*attaches iron leading strings to Kristian* that should keep him out of here:)

4th Jul 2002, 20:32

*looks around*

See? Not every stranger in our forums is a bad one :)

4th Jul 2002, 20:54
I have been reading previous posts about DC and was wondering what you all were talking about!! Now I know!!:p Lashed with the tongue of a viper!:D

4th Jul 2002, 20:58
You've only touched the tip of the iceberg I think ;)

sam i am
8th Jul 2002, 04:42
Originally posted by Arkron

*looks around*

See? Not every stranger in our forums is a bad one :)

sammy boy is a stranger!

Goku Noble Warrior
13th Jul 2002, 16:28
Always talk to strangers and indulge your curiosity, sure you may get mugged, beaten, raped, kidnapped etc etc, but hey!!! you might also be given a free Vanilla coke!!!!!

Disclaimer: This post is meant to be sarcastic and humorous and in no way reflects the posters true opinions