View Full Version : [Xbox 360] Poor performance, crash in Acropolis final conflict

18th Nov 2015, 03:46
At the end of the Acropolis, there is the section (where Lara has to go prone to access) where there are a few enemies in a chamber with columns, finishing with the shield bearer. On access to this area, I encountered:

- First run seemed to progress fine. Died in combat.
- Second attempt showed some juddering as Lara approached the door, stopped shortly before the end of the slide-in animation. Died in combat (I was playing on Survivor, ok!)
- Third attempt showed significant slowdown as Lara approached the door, stopping shortly after the slide-in animation. Though the game appeared to "struggle" a little with on screen enemies.
- Crash occurred shortly thereafter when firing a cluster grenade arrow from the room's left side into the centre (screenshot)

Reset the console with no apparent savegame impact.