View Full Version : FFXIV: Turn off battle music

17th Nov 2015, 20:11
Hello i'm new to this game, and I've got a question.

Is it possible to turn of battle music, I really enjoy the zone music but everytime I face a mob it plays other music that I don't like all the time.
Sorry if it's already answered, most topics are outdated, maybe I missed something about this:)
Thanks in advance!

17th Nov 2015, 20:31
What is the title of the game in question?

18th Nov 2015, 08:34
Oh sorry about that, forgot to mention.
I'm talking about Final Fantasy XIV (14) the mmorpg for PC. :)

18th Nov 2015, 19:20
See this thread (https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/2ei16p/is_there_anyway_to_disable_the_battle_music/)