View Full Version : [X-Box 360] Game keeps freezing in the Abandoned Mine area

17th Nov 2015, 16:45
Whenever I enter the Abandoned Mine area with the lift and the three guards, the game keeps freezing whenever I enter combat or fire my weapon. It has happened 4 times now. I have turned my X-Box off in case it was overheating but that didn't help. Is this a known bug?

18th Nov 2015, 02:37
Hello there - can you try using a backup save (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=182989&p=2182925#post2182925) first to see if that eliminates the issue? If the problem persists, it may be a hardware issue.

18th Nov 2015, 09:49
Hi. All of my game data was just deleted. I have to start again. Hopefully this will fix the issue

18th Nov 2015, 18:11
Hi the game has done it again. I started the game again as all the saves got deleted. I tried to climb down a mountain and the game froze. When it freezes there is a cracking sound coming through the speakers like the game crashed when someone is talking.

19th Nov 2015, 02:24
Can you share with us what audio settings you are using?