View Full Version : Uneven match ending automatically bug

17th Nov 2015, 16:23
When a match starts with an uneven number of players on each team somehow, the match will end automatically after a 60 second timer. That's all very nice.

However! I just had a match where this happened. We were 3v4, the message came up saying the match would end in 60 seconds so we just started killing each other for the hell of it. After around 30 seconds, a player on the opposite team left and reconnected immediately. This prompted a message saying something along the lines of "player reconnected, countdown cancelled", and thus ending the countdown. So the game went on as 3v4 for a little while until other people started to realize and left on their own.

I can't imagine that's the intended function, is it? I find it to be a bit of a dick move to intentionally cancel the countdown in your own favor. Even if the match is safe to leave.

17th Nov 2015, 17:45
I once had a match where we started and someone left as soon as the match started, so it was 3v4. The countdown started and we started doing what you guys did (kill for fun, who cares right?) and then someone else joined the match, cancelling the countdown. Needless to say, we obliterated the other team because someone joined mid-countdown and the game went on and actually counted towards league rankings. the final score was something like 30-2 the entire match.
really sad that this kind of thing happens.