View Full Version : iOS champ man 16 freeze

17th Nov 2015, 09:40
I am currently playing champ man 16 on my iPhone6 with iOS 9.1. I did a season with Bournemouth in season 4 I went to click continue after my first friendly of the season and as I hit continue after to just go onto the next day it just freezes for a split second and then continues to just work normal but still doesn't allow me to go onto the next day. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, I then began an season with tranmere, I am in my 4 season again about to start the premier league with them and the game has again froze for a split second as I try to go onto the next day. Can this be resolved? I've tried emailing the company, messaging moderators and inboxing on Facebook no help or reply from either.

10th Dec 2015, 16:47
Hi SteveyBoyy, sorry about my delayed response (I dont think I received a private message from you? Will double check...). We've released a update this week that might just fix some this issue for you! Can you check?