View Full Version : Can't Equip Ancient Quiver [Under Investigation]

16th Nov 2015, 08:06
I found the Ancient Quiver in a Crypt (Hidden City), and died shortly afterwards. When I respawned, I was wearing the Hunter's Quiver (the mid-level quiver). I'm currently unable to equip the Ancient Quiver, and cannot use it. I've tried reloading the checkpoint, re-launching the game, etc...

16th Nov 2015, 08:18
Just to be clear - I know you're actually not able to "equip" your inventory containers manually - the largest one is supposed to be equipped automatically. After my game loaded post-dying, I was no longer wearing the Ancient Quiver - which is where this bug lives.

16th Nov 2015, 22:35
Looking into this - what platform are you playing on?

Also, previous to unlocking the Ancient Quiver, had you upgraded your quiver previously? What is the current ammo capacity for your quiver? Thanks!

17th Nov 2015, 04:22
Also having this issue, Xbox One platform.

After finding the Ancient Quiver in the crypt made way towards gate, under attack, went for first trebuchet, after killing all visible enemies, Went to access trebuchet. Was being attacked by unseen enemy, so I killed my self to fix spawns. Upon respawn, I was downgraded back to Hunter Quiver. Arrow count went from 55 back down to 45.

I have went back to menu, quit game and relaunched, went back into the crypt to see if I could rediscover it(didn't). In the equipment screen at camp it shows ancient quiver, and I can highlight it, however once I press B to return to previous screen, the model for the quiver switches back to Hunter.

18th Nov 2015, 02:53
Thanks for the info - we have this bug reproduced and working towards a fix!

18th Nov 2015, 07:42
Thanks for the report. Added to the Master Bug List (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=182990&p=2183288#post2183288)

28th Dec 2015, 22:55
Any update on this?