View Full Version : CHAMPMAN16 Facebook SCREEN BUG

15th Nov 2015, 00:17
Hi, I asked to my friends for a good football game and they said Champ Man 16 but whenever i download it, I install and everything but then when i open it goes on the facebook or guest screen and i cant do anything, the only way i can do something is by closing the app.
Im glad if anybody can help me, thanks.

Is this the first time you are launching the app?

Has the app ever successfully launched?
If yes, did it work before a recent update?

Device you are playing on

OS you are playing on

OS Version currently installed on your device
Android 4.2.2

10th Dec 2015, 16:46
Thanks for the info Whaiit and apologies for my delayed response. We've just released an update earlier this week that might fix this issue - could you let us know if it does?