View Full Version : [Xbox One] Save game got corrupted in Soviet Installation [Under Investigation]

14th Nov 2015, 21:29
When I started finding Jacob mission I ziplined down from the ledge I walked up the map to the first cave it inside was hollow and allowed Lara to fall through the game world at this point the game saved and now every time I try to reload it freezes and the music sticks and goes into a continual loop and you have to close tomb raider down ! System is Xbox one , the game was at 23% completion and at the soviet installation please help as I was enjoying the game but don't look forward to starting it all over again!!!

16th Nov 2015, 21:02
Hello there - very sorry you're having trouble with the game. Do you have any screenshots or video of the issue? That could help us get to the bottom of the bug. In the meantime, it may be worth trying to use a backup save (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=182989&p=2182925#post2182925) to start over from the start of the Soviet Installation and see if the bug persist.

16th Nov 2015, 22:39
Hi there unfortunately I don't have a screen shot of the problem when I fell through the game world as the game killed me when I fell , it auto saved and when I try to reload that's when the game stops at the loading screen and the music is like a stuck CD its also unfortunate the back up save is the same save game as the faulty one there are no other back ups created and I can't go back to an earlier point in time , The problem was only just when I started finding Jacob and took the zipline off the ledge , I walked upwards to the cave beside the underground tomb , the cave was light blue inside that's why I walked into it that's where the game world allowed me to fall straight through it

17th Nov 2015, 01:57
Hi there - we're having a hard time figuring out where you are and what cave/tomb you are referring to. If you can't take a screenshot yourself, can you find a video on YouTube or the like that illustrates where you are?

17th Nov 2015, 20:53

Hi there ,hopefully you can open the image , I started the finding Jacob mission I walked up the map and entered the cave directly above the letter C in the words challenge tomb in the screenshot attached it was this cave that allowed me to drop through the game world and I died after about 10 secs as i dropped and the game restarted but that's where it froze , the save game just stops on the loading screen with the music stuck in a loop similar to a stuck CD playing and I have left it for over 30 mins and it doesn't load , there is also no back up save only the current save game

17th Nov 2015, 21:26

18th Nov 2015, 22:00
Hi guys I can't believe it I had to restart the game from the start and I got to the same point as where i was before and went to check for the cave with the area that drops you through the game world and it was there again and its killed my game again it locked the game up shut it down back to the Xbox dashboard and when I try to reload it gets stuck again , it had a backup save this time which was 9 mins before the last save and the backup does exactly the same as the video above , this is a game killing bug there is no way I'm starting this game again to do the first quarter of the game again ,surely you can find this bug and fix it in a patch

18th Nov 2015, 22:02
One thing that everyone ought to do is rotate your save game slots. There are 3 in the game and I change mine every so often. I have played for 20+ hours and although I haven't experienced any glitches or bugs whatsoever I am still doing it just in case.

18th Nov 2015, 22:55
When I restarted after the first bug I used slot 2 and there was the exact same glitch the second time round, it kills the game and you have to quit tombraider to stop the glitch , a back up save doesn't work either , the game was also at near the same percentage of play through 23% first time round 24% second time round and glitch was in identical location both times , can't believe I went back to see if the glitch was there the second time curiosity killed the cat as they say!!!!

19th Nov 2015, 22:00
Hi there , I seem to have got round my save game problem I uninstalled the game and patch I reinstalled the game off disc but waited to install the patch after it was100% completed I ran the game and my save file loads into the game again