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The Gamester
30th Jun 2002, 03:25
:o :p Hi there. I just heard on the Space network that there is a new Tomb Raider movie will soon start production. I think it will be great if the writers are willing to bring some of the characters we are used to in the original Tomb Raider games to the big screen. What do you think? :confused: :o

30th Jun 2002, 06:04
like which characters, Verner Von Croy, and that one dude Puna?

30th Jun 2002, 08:47

Keep it all original.

I don't want to see something I already saw.

The Gamester
30th Jun 2002, 14:52
:o I was thinking along the line of bringing the statue "Bosses" to life as they did in Chronicles. I think the next TR movie also need more female characters. Maybe different rivals or even old school mates. Definite possibilities, no?:p

30th Jun 2002, 15:09
is all the same people going to b in it?? i hope so. i hate it when the movies have a sequal and they put different peopl in it its never the same again. any one agree?? :)

30th Jun 2002, 15:23
In some cases, I do agree with you, like Batman. George Clooney? What a waste! :mad:

30th Jun 2002, 17:01
If the sequel tells a different story, then it needs new characters.

Lara and Hilary (and possibly Bryce) will be the only constants.

As to Alex West... well, look at it this way: Bond films have a different Bond babe for each film......

Slave 4 Her
1st Jul 2002, 04:09
Well the only returning actors and characters will be Lara (Angelina yaaaay), Bryce and Hillary.

1st Jul 2002, 04:21
Originally posted by The Gamester
I think the next TR movie also need more female characters.....

Now that you mention it, i don't recall very many female rolls in TR1M

1st Jul 2002, 05:11
just bryce and hillary i think are gonna stay for the next round (MAYBE alex west, MAYBE)

1st Jul 2002, 21:38
Originally posted by LaraCroft_TombRaider
like which characters, Verner Von Croy, and that one dude Puna?

I have played every Tomb Raider game and I don't remember PUNA! Can you please remind me?!


Slave 4 Her
1st Jul 2002, 23:14
The Tomb Raider 2 script review that happend last week had no mention of Alex West so i doubt he will be in it at all.
Other than that the script got very positive feedback.

Slave 4 Her
1st Jul 2002, 23:16
Oh yeah and for the people who dont know, a new ex lover will be in TR2...he is named....um....i think it was Lee i cant remember what the name was from the script review, i think he was Asian.

6th Jul 2002, 17:57
if it's going to be just like the games, then it will have different characters. Lara goes on new adventures in every game, and so she meets different people and does different things....you see....

6th Jul 2002, 17:59
Puna is that scary dude at the very end of the place with Madubu Gorge. He shoots lightning at you. Remember?:eek:

Lil Lara
6th Jul 2002, 18:27
Lara and a new ex-lover, Lee, in TRM2..?? What? Is there any more information on this and where are people finding info on the upcoming film?:confused: :eek:

6th Jul 2002, 22:18
I thought his name was Terry?

6th Jul 2002, 23:59
I think the name is Terry but as I read I hope this movie has more
depth in Lara's character seemed a bit flat and controlled to me even though I thought it was a good movie. I want to see Lara smile be sad, crack it show emotions you know not enough. emotions. not over the top but real. Like if she is mad, let her get mad.