View Full Version : XBOX 360 - game freeze

14th Nov 2015, 12:57
The Agent of the Xbox 360 Support referred me to this website.

I purchased/downloaded the game Rise of Tomb Raider via the Xbox Store. If I start the game the main screen of the Game (press start) freezes. Sometimes I succeed to press the start button and the Xbox window to choose the memory device appears. But it ends also with the screen/freeze after a few seconds(At the beginning of the game). During the screen/freeze the Xbox isn´t reacting to controller submissions and I have to press the main power button to restart it.

I´ve tried to reinstall/download the game a few times and deleted the system cache of the xbox 360 to solve the Problem, but there must be a problem with the game. I have the withe Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium 20GB. I´ve downloaded/played other games form the Microsoft store without any problems. The storage location of the game is the internal xbox HDD.

Any suggestions?