View Full Version : Xbox 360 game crashes in the prophets tomb [Resolved]

14th Nov 2015, 12:50
Moderator Note: This is a hardware issue.


I have got to the entrance of the prophets tomb, passed through the dark tunnel with the scorpions and entered the room where Laura talks about a battle happening. At this point my game crashes, the picture locks up and the audio stops and only a low humming can be heard. There is no response to any commands on the controller and the only way to exit is to turn of the console using the power button.
After restarting the console and trying to reload the saved game it locks up on the load screen, and the console has to be restarted again.
I have tried beginning the game again from the start and got to the same point before it crashed again. I then tried it again having installed the game to the hard disk, same issue.
Finally I tried loading the backup save, this started me just after the car was shot up and Laura fell of the cliff and landed on the ledge overlooking the distant town in the valley. Progressed as normal past the monolith and climbing across the aqueduct etc and the game crashed at the same point.
I have a retail boxed copy of the game.
I'm playing the main campaign for the first time, I have played to this point on both save game 1 and 2.
I have examined the physical disk and can see no damage or scratches.
Any help with this would be great!

17th Nov 2015, 01:46
Hey there - can you confirm you've downloaded the day one patch so we can eliminate that from our troubleshooting?

17th Nov 2015, 09:19
Yes I've downloaded the day one patch, and allowed the Xbox to process all the updates it's wanted to.

18th Nov 2015, 02:56
Hey there - is there any chance you can try the game disk on another console? If it works fine on a different Xbox, it may be a hardware issue.

18th Nov 2015, 09:06
I've tried it on another Xbox and it's working ok, so sadly must be my Xbox. Bit strange as other games seem to work ok. Thanks for your help.

19th Nov 2015, 02:35
Sorry to hear that!