View Full Version : Installation Vista "stealthy" bonus triggers on every pass

13th Nov 2015, 23:54
If the player fast-travels to "Installation Vista" and follows the game path to the second long zip line (before the section where Lara has to blow up the fuel tank) the "stealthy" bonus (+75XP) will trigger, on every attempt. This is despite -
- there being no enemies here on some passes
- the player being very unstealthy
I've gained two levels by sprinting through this section and killing the few enemies that may spawn here (~3mins per pass, roughly 100XP including enemies).

Platform: XBox360
Location: Siberia, Installation Vista (installation vista to first base camp)
Severity: Minor (minor XP gains, logic)

1. Complete the first part of Installation Vista to the base camp ("stealthy" will trigger)
2. At base camp, choose fast travel
3. Select Installation Vista, confirm
4. Sprint through the section and remove any enemies (without stealth)
5. Activate the base camp near the blown fuel tank
6. Repeat 2 - 5 as desired.

"Stealthy" triggers on all passes

Stealthy should not trigger on subsequent passes.