View Full Version : OT: HELP I can’t get to sleep!!

30th Jun 2002, 02:53
Ok here’s the deal, it’s nearly 4:00am and I can’t get to sleep, I need to be up in just over 5 hours to go football training so I really need to get some sleep! Anyone have any miracle home remedies? Cus I could sure go for some right about now :)

This is my 2nd blast on my computer tonight to see if it’ll make me go tired, but at the moment I’m wide awake. The birds are starting to sing and I’m sure it’s starting to get light….ah man I’m in trouble :D

30th Jun 2002, 03:24
Well must be something in your water RiCh.
I just chatted with GumDrop.....he couldn't sleep either....:D
You guys are nuts!

30th Jun 2002, 03:32
yeah I've given up on getting any sleep I'm now playing GTA3 :) maybe I'll catch an hour before I go out :D I think it that DromEd you know it speaks to you...you must work harder, you don't need sleep, sleep is for the weak.........yep I lost it :p

30th Jun 2002, 03:44
Now why would a taffer want to sleep at *night*? That's when we're 'on duty'! ^_^