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13th Nov 2015, 03:19
Just started playing, on the 360.

There's a thrilling moment at the beginning of the original BioShock game - you're proceeding through some tubes underwater and a piece of the plane crashes through the glass of the tube. Suddenly the water is rushing around you, you go past a door that is springing leaks, and it feels like at any moment the whole thing could explode around you.

Except it doesn't. If you just stand there, nothing will happen. It's an amazing moment of gameplay that you're driven through, but it's all just an illusion.

In Rise of the Tomb Raider, the threat is real. There's this little bit that I just got to - which made me think of this - where the snow is actually moving beneath your feet, and if you don't push against it, that snow is carrying you straight off the edge of the cliff.

These exhilarating "escape" / "OMS" set piece moments that have become a part of the Tomb Raider reboot-era formula are so incredible - I really, really love them. I've already spent a ridiculous amount of time in this very small segment at the top of the game, just admiring the view and admiring all the the incredible detail that's here in the 360 version. It bodes very well for this game :)

(Mods - sorry if the thread title is a spoiler! Feel free to edit it for me, to just "The Opening Sequence")

13th Nov 2015, 10:35
I agree. I was taking screenshots and just looking!