View Full Version : Can someone delete "Stryder" from the records?

30th Jun 2002, 02:27
Can "Stryder" be deleted from the permanent forum records somehow. I've decided to keep my old nick, and I hate to be wasting forum space and hogging the extra name since I won't be using it.

If I need to go track down all the posts I did with "Stryder" before you can delete it.......just let me know and I'll do it.


30th Jun 2002, 04:10
I don't know how to expunge a username Rick. I think that may be an Admin-only function. I can ban Stryder, but that may have undesirable consequences in terms of your IP address and your current access. I can delete all Stryder's posts, but I see no benefit in doing that. Stryder was not a bad sort. No need to punish him. Better let it rest for now, but feel free to e-mail Grey Mouser, who may be able to address this matter sometime next week (I think he will be pretty busy on Monday). :)

30th Jun 2002, 12:54
Good to see you back, RNM! Finally feels like home...

30th Jun 2002, 14:56
Thanks TR

You're right. I'll wait a week or so until the dust has settled, and then shoot GM an email asking if there's anything he can do. I guess that the worst case scenario is that "Stryder" just lurks in the shadows forever hogging up a few bytes of storage space on the server.

I imagine most forums have 1000's of inactive accounts sitting on the shelves after a while anyways. Oh well.

30th Jun 2002, 17:26
Gee it's nice to see you return home...just like the prodical Son...sew a few wild oats but always come back to your roots :D :p LOL Welcome Home Taffer! ;) Ta and Good Hunting!

30th Jun 2002, 17:28
Indeed....my oats have been sown. ;)
LOL, Thanks Huntress