View Full Version : [Xbox One] Progression block after destroying the first barrier with grenade arrows.

12th Nov 2015, 21:34
Description: I've been attempting to progress the story in The Acropolis section of the game and I keep running into the same progression block that leaves Lara unable to move and therefore unable to progress through the story (I think a cutscene is supposed to trigger). It occurs right after Lara crafts the grenade arrows for the first time, when the player is asked to destroy the barrier using the grenade arrows after yelling for the allies to get out of the way. I shoot the barrier, it explodes, and nothing happens, Lara is stuck in place and cannot walk/run and I cannot progress anymore.

1. Load ROTTR on Xbox one
2. Progress until The Acropolis section of the game
3. Continue until Lara creates grenade arrows
4. Shoot the barrier that the player is asked to destroy
5. Notice that it gets destroyed but nothing happens
6. Note that the player cannot walk or run with Lara after this (she can swing her axe, shoot weapons, and a few other actions, but cannot go anywhere or progress).

Expected Result:
The intended story section should occur and the player should be able to continue the game (I think a cutscene is supposed to happen after destroying the first barrier with grenade arrows).

Additional Notes/Attempts:
I tried a few solutions for this bug that include:
- Quitting and relaunching the ROTTR app
- Powering down and restarting the Xbox One and ROTTR game
- I also used a backup save to a safe point, and continued to the bug location from there, and it still occurred
- I tried using the grenade launcher to break the barrier instead of the grenade arrows, and the bug still occurred.
- I'm playing the digital download version of the game
- I believe I have the up to date version of the game, I'm not sure how to check, but I've been playing for a few days while connected to the internet with multiple game restarts.

Any help would be great! Can't wait to get back to progressing in this game, loving it so far! :)

2nd Dec 2015, 18:37
I am also stuck at this exact same spot. I've been here for a couple of weeks and hopefully waiting for a patch soon. My game is up to date just like meowsh86.

I don't mind hanging on to the game until a patch comes out, but the window to return the game gets smaller with each passing day. At what point do I return the game for a refund? As long as I know there is light at the end of the tunnel then I will be happy and play another game in the interim.

Xbox One
Physical Disk
Main Campaign
Acropolis. I did some fast travel to complete side objectives and find the rifle parts before progressing.