View Full Version : No Rope Arrow

12th Nov 2015, 02:22
Hiya all.

I'm at the Soviet Installation, and am getting a "missing gear" message, I'm missing the rope arrow. Problem is, I never got a rope arrow or saw how I could make one.

Did I miss something earlier in the game? Or is this a huge bug that is going to prevent me from moving forward?

Also, how do I go about patching the game?


12th Nov 2015, 03:38
You'll need to progress further in the story to obtain the rope arrows. To patch the game, when you launch it from the Xbox dashboard, you will be prompted. If there is no prompt to update the game, then the game is currently up-to-date.

12th Nov 2015, 12:08
Thanks! The way the missing gear message was phrased though, it said that I wouldn't be able to progress without the rope arrow, made it seem like I should have had it already.