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11th Nov 2015, 13:38
I am completely dissapointed with Square Enix, it has been over ten years since the first Kingdom Hearts game came to North America. I started when I was roughly ten to eleven years old now here I am in my twenties waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3. I beat Kingdom Hearts 2 when I was thirteen or fourteen years old, no one should have to wait this long just to keep playing the game they love. I have played all the Kingdom Hearts games I could and the ones I couldn't buy when they came out I went online and read the plot of the game and when I had the money I bought and played it. I've been excited since 2013 since they announced it was in development but no news really has come out since other than the realease of 1.5HD, 2.5HD, and 2.8HD. The only times they seem to release any information about Kingdom Hearts 3 is when they want to hype you up for another game that is essentially just a compilation of the games they have already released. It is utterly pathetic how long they are taking on this game, Square Enix is spreading itself too thin and trying to launch all these games at the same time. Currently their working on Final Fantasy 15 (previously known as Final Fantasy versus 13), the reboot of Final Fantasy 7, and Kingdom Hearts 3. They should just one game their goal accomplish that and then move on to the next, this you can keep releasing products to the fans they want and buy themselves some time while they work on the next title, not only will the gamers get the games they want sooner they better focus on each individual game. Square Enix can easily and efficiently on getting everyone what they want faster.

19th Dec 2015, 09:35
There are some really talented people working in this company, but company itself has very serious problems with management. SE hire-ups obviously don't have a clue what gamers really want. They try to make as much money as they can, as fast as they can. This is the exact reason why they rushed into FFXIV and lost tons of money releasing the game of a shamelessly low quality. And I'm afraid the same destiny awaits FFXV which for some reasons not even close in terms of quality and content to what Versus XIII was supposed to be. It doesn’t matter what kind of problems they faced while developing Versus XIII. They should have embraced them and solved them. But they simply decided to abandon this extremely ambitious project that people were waiting FOR YEARS!!! Instead of working on Versus XIII they just announced FFVIIR to heat up the interest of the public, to make audience forget that SE have destroyed the most promising title they've ever had. But we haven’t forgotten, NOT A CHANCE. And if you, SE, don’t hear the angry voices, that’s because too many people simply don’t want anything to do with you after Versus XIII failure, and I totally understand them. I think, SE already know that FFXV is doomed, so they’re making as much titles as they can to make people go easy on this failure. I hope they realize that they’re walking on a very thin ice here. I hope they aren’t choosing quantity over quality, and all these announced games (ESPECIALLY KHIII) are going to be the games of the highest possible quality and not some half-baked forgeries like original FFXIV and laughable Duscae Demo(s). Lots of my friend are already done with this company, they’re simply boycotting their products altogether. I’m not so radical, at least not yet, but if they’d manage to ruin KHIII, it would be the last game I’ll have bought from them… Well, I’ll by Nier: Automata, but only because of the Platinum games, and because Automata obviously will hit the stores much earlier than KHIII will, and I wouldn’t really know at that point whether or not SE ruined KHIII. Damn, I have a bad feeling about this. Why don’t they finish KHIII and then make FF7R? Oh, wait. I already answered this question! They’re basically using the name of their most successful game, which is FF7, to make people care about them once more. Again and again, they’re using FF’s big name instead of actually give a chance to the talents that work for them to make some great NEW games which would make their own name, company’s name, big, give those talents a chance to expand existing franchises which had been forgotten not because they’re bad, but because company didn’t really advertised them well enough. They better realize as fast as possible that FF’s big name won’t work for them forever. Each year, more and more people are getting tired of the company’s attitude towards game development, getting tired of the fact that SE doesn’t really care of the quality of their games and just waiting for people to buy those games only because there’s FF title on the box. Well, who knows, maybe a new crowd with no good taste and sense of originality would come and buy this big name without thinking. But if that’s would be the case, I really hope that Nomura-san would leave the company like Kojima-san have left Konami, and all the talents would follow suit. I want to be optimistic, but after Versus XIII crash and years of couldn't-care-less atittude towards every game which have no FF name on it, it’s nearly impossible. Last KHIII clearly shows that there aren't enough people working on this title!