View Full Version : Hmmm, I just noticed something re: Requests for regis dates getting lost...

30th Jun 2002, 00:59
It seems as though they cropping up in other threads by members that perhaps won't get seen? As an example...I posted my request over here in GM's thread titled "ah ha" even though most ppl have requested that question on the old forum in the announcement thread. He is not listed here as a moderator/admin? I just saw another member make the request in an entirely different thread that had nothing to do with asking for this special favor?

So I'm askin...where's the best place to put your post/request for this nice offer from GM? Ta and Good Hunting! :)

30th Jun 2002, 19:18
Is the thread over here from GM an OK place or should I go to the old thread instead? I know he's busy...I just want to make sure for my part...that I requested in the correct arena :) Thanks and Good Hunting!

30th Jun 2002, 19:24
Sorry Huntress
I can't specifically answer your question...but I can say that GM is officially a Forum Admin. :)

I saw it in a list somewhere when I was poking aorund. Oh yeah...it was in "Forum Leaders".

Good Hunting! ;) :p

Old Gold
1st Jul 2002, 01:52
I thought that was a good idea Huntress, I was thinking similar things.

1st Jul 2002, 01:57
I sent a PM to GM about the RM.... So I'm OK! ;)