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11th Nov 2015, 07:58
Hi all,

I already the game but, unfortunately, Rise of the Tomb Raider starts well and ends badly. I do not know whether it makes sense a third chapter.

The story is the weak point of the game.

15th Nov 2015, 17:36
I wouldn't say the game ends badly because it doesn't IMO. It leaves us in the interesting point for another game, although I gotta admit it's a shame they killed Ana. Heck, it's a shame she end up as an enemy! What I also didn't like was Johna. There are people who hate Sam from the previous game, because she got kidnapped twice. Well, now I wonder if those people will hate Johna because he got himself in bigger mess than Sam ever could (she, at least, had killed some people while he just couldn't and he was a military once!). He had no story for like 90% of the game, but when he got one, it was... a bloody mess that proved he's not qualified to be Lara's companion and she should never ever take him with her again.

Fights I loved - all the sneaky ones.

Fights I absolutely hated - the one with the helicopter was too hard for me. Aiming on those flying rocks was almost impossible for me to do. I've died about 30 times before I was able to get through it and I've played this game on the lowest difficulty level possible... so... yeah...

15th Nov 2015, 17:41
Please tell me how do I find or make the rope arrows ??? They are needed everywhere and I don't have them

15th Nov 2015, 18:36
You'll find them during the gameplay so just stick with the story.

19th Nov 2015, 16:03
Does she ever get dual handguns? or is the player forever tied to that useless bow?

19th Nov 2015, 16:17
Does she ever get dual handguns? or is the player forever tied to that useless bow?

Not yet in my playthrough, but the bow is far from useless and I don't see it going anywhere any time soon. It is far too useful for various aspects of gameplay.