View Full Version : Emote suggestions for FFXIV

11th Nov 2015, 02:14
I gotta say, I love the alternate sit positions emote that came with 3.1. With that said, I have a few emote suggestions i'd like to see in future patches:

1. Alternate sleep positions when using /doze on a bed. This could be done by using the /changepose emote or set it to switch automatically every few minutes in the menu options. Would give the impression that your avatar is turning in his/her sleep

2. An addition emote that can only be used when your avatar is asleep is the "dream" emote. Your avatar will perform a certain action indicating they are dreaming while sleeping. The action will be different based on race and maybe gender. For example, a Miqote may try to paw the air while you see his/her nose twitch while they dream. Another might be a Lalafell where see their closed eyes move and then the smile and then nuzzle into their pillow

The next 2 emotes are Eternal Bond specific. I'd like to note that these two emotes I am suggesting should only be available for the avatar to use while married. If divorce ever happens, the player loses these emotes until they remarry. I'll explain the purpose of this later:

1. First is the snuggle emote. How this would work is you and your spouse will both use the /doze emote on the bed (hence, sleeping next to each other). Then, you target your spouse and use the snuggle emote. This will cause the two to move up close together in a comforting pose (wrapping an arm around the other spouse's waist, for example, or a spouse laying their head on the other's chest). How this would look would depend on the races of each spouse, so race combination plays a role in the appearance of the snuggle

2. Finally, one that I'm sure has been mentioned since the beginning of the Eternal Bond ceremony: The Kiss emote. No, we're not talking about the blowing kiss; that's for dating. No, this would be the actual lip lock and it would only be able to be done with the two actually married avatars. Like snuggle, one spouse would target the other and then perform a kiss action. Again, race specifications would cause the kiss action to appear different. For example, if a Roegadyn and a Lalafell are married, the Roegadyn would need to kneel down (both knees on the ground, no doubt, like that sit pose) and the Lalafell would need to reach up on their tippy toes to kiss their beloved. Another example would be 2 Miqotes, where when they kiss both of their tails curl up in an arch, almost give a heart shape when viewed from the side. The possibilities are vast.

So now I will speak to you about the reasons for eternal bond emote restrictions. To be frank, some people like to take the game a little too seriously. Because of that, if we allowed players to have kiss and snuggle emotes after divorcing, it may open up the door to bad feelings with players, especially when those divorced players start snuggling or kissing other "married" players' wives or husbands. Virtual cheating, if you will. So the moral of this story would be this: if you decide to choose someone to marry, and want to keep the emotes, make sure you are willing to go for the long haul.

So what do you guys think? Have any other neat emote suggestions?