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10th Nov 2015, 20:47
Hey there guys,

Been playing Nosgoth for some time now, on and off here and there. I consider myself competent and just a few months back "got good" in the ways of how the game actually works.

But one thing I could never understand is why the Sentinel is the way he is.

In my opinion, everything about him is just... awful.

He's so... independent. It's stupid!

In a skilled players hands...

His main abilities hardly ever do less then 300 to 400, which can be used in tandem with his others, as I'm sure you all know.

Even before someone can get through the canned animation of standing up, he can have a whopping 400 up front damage from puncture already in motion to hit you. This attack takes barely more than a second to use, and hits multiple targets.

Everything he has does damage, aside from his one only utility, Sonic Screech, which nobody really uses.

Wing flap isn't too terribly annoying, as its needed to be used in a specific manner to get the most out of it.

Divebomb seems alright for the most part, but can be used in tandem with Abduct/Kidnap anyways.

Is there even a real reason to use kidnap anyways? Since when has abduct not done the job?

Airstrike just seems to unnecessary, especially since it can pretty much keep you fro landing.. ever and be used from behind cover completely.

Takeoff is one of his only real escapes, so why does it have to do damage? Is a stagger not enough? Really?

If that's not bad enough, since he can already fly, he can also take 20% less damage while flying, which is arguably one of the only times he's able to be hit reliably, that is, if you can hit him, being the fastest class and all..

The worst of it is his barbed claws. Really? Is this necessary? Does he need an additional 80 damage per swing? It's almost as if he doesn't do enough damage as is...

I don't know, I've always felt like the Sentinel has too many tools. I feel like he's unbelievably safe and easy to play. As a matter of fact, he was one of the first Vampires I mained a long time ago. I loved the idea of flying and being in Raziels clan.

But over time, I just grew bored of him and moved on. After I saw other people playing him, I sat and though, goddamn, is this what I've been doing?

Anyways, I've always thought to myself, "I must be missing something here. Maybe there's a reason he's like this", but I honestly can't think of it.

If anyone could shed some light on to why the Sentinel is the way he is, I'd appreciate it.

Because right now, I think he's such a copout.

10th Nov 2015, 21:41
Are u serious? I main Sentinel, he is pretty fun to play, i think u just need to learn that playstyle

11th Nov 2015, 00:48
First of all, you are not using the word "copout" correctly.

Second of all:

Sonic Screech can be helpful during CtB or when timed with the other vampires rushing in. I've never had it used against me so I'd agree that something needs to be done to make it more...Preferable.

Kidnap is actually preferred by many. The longer carry time = greater height for fall damage, and greater separation from the team.

Airstrike is the Sentinel's only real method of attack that doesn't involve diving down into dangerous range. Also, a Sentinel who never lands is not a very good Sentinel. So much wasted potential.