View Full Version : FF Forum listings are weird. :S

10th Nov 2015, 19:33
Why have you listed the Forums the way you have? shouldn't FF13-Lightning's Return, FF Type-0 HD and the upcoming FF15 be listen in their own forum for the Fabula Nova Crystalis mini-series, the way their is an Ivallice Alliance forum?

Shouldn't there be a forum for FF Explorers by now? the game comes out in about 2 months!

11th Nov 2015, 08:54
The list is a complete mess, I thought this was a work-in-progress thing but apparently it isn't.
General forums should be merged
Upcoming titles have 4 Eidos games, but should have more there: Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy Explorers, Star Ocean 5, Nier Automata, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, World of Final Fantasy, Setsuna, Kingdom Hearts χ, and Triad Wars.
The Games forums order is very bad. They should consider reordering them based on the popularity or recent releases.

11th Nov 2015, 22:10
i saw that Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris has it's own forum, when right above it is the tomb raider series forum, not to mention that the dragon quest forum is under additional games instead of being one of the main forum listings, and the saga forum is listed down there as well, even though it has several games in the series and 2 new ones coming out soon in the next year, one of which is for vita.

i did notice they organized the FF stuff somewhat, but it is mainly by generation. they really need to redo it, put the nes titles in one spot, the snes titles in another. the psx titles in another, however games like ff12 are part of miniseries which include final fantasy tactics and vagrant story for the ivallice, and for the others (type-0, ff13, ff15) it is part of the fabula nova crystalis series. instead they mix the most current games in elsewhere. the forums really make no sense.

i wonder if the same people that are doing the forums are the same people doing the really lazy NA websites for the SE games? i am noticing more and more that the SE game pages are complete and utter garbage compared to the original jp versions.