View Full Version : Petition for Dragon Quest localization! DQ7-8, 10, Theatrhythm DQ, DQ Heroes-PS3...

10th Nov 2015, 19:26
Let's see there are 6 DQ titles on the 3ds now:


Theatrhythm Dragon Quest
Dragon Quest Monsters
Dragon Quest Monsters 2
Dragon Quest 7
Dragon Quest 8
Dragon Quest 10

none of these have even been brought over, and so far no plans of localizing, even though we were getting a ton of DQ games several yrs ago, now it seems that SE doesn't care about DQ outside of Japan.

Even after all this time, we still haven't received DQ10, which I personally don't mind, as this is an online title only, and shouldn't be part of the numbered game series. but I am aware there are several people who do want to play this title, and it isn't nice of SE to not localize it all these years later.

Dragon Quest Heroes just got released but SE refused to release the PS3 edition of the game outside of Japan, there are many people that still only have a ps3, and haven't gotten around to buying a PS4, yet. SE is pretty much abandoning those people and telling them to buy a PS4 for all their current titles: FF Type-0 HD, FF15 and DQ Heroes. Not nice, SE, not nice at all!

Considering that there is a ton of DQ games that SE seems to not be concerned about localizing outside of Japan.

PLEASE, SE, stop making game releases all about money! and release the games that you should be releasing! You are really losing credibility due to a lot of your poor choices lately, and please release the titles that your waning fans are asking for!

11th Nov 2015, 08:50
These are the ones I need:
Dragon Quest 7
Dragon Quest Monsters
Dragon Quest Monsters 2

12th Nov 2015, 12:10
Right now there are SEVEN DQ games on 3DS, you're missing Rocket Slime 2/Slime MoriMori 3.
And then there are a couple more announced for 3DS for next year: DQ11 (also for PS4) and DQ Monsters Joker 3.

DQ7 and DQ8 are objectively the best version of both games* and pretty demanded by fans (come on SE, DQ7 has neven been released in EU. This was the perfect chance). *Yep, the PS2 version of DQ8 still looks a bit nicer.
The Monster series is pretty screwed up: bad sales of DQMJ2 back in 2011, Pokémon and Yokai Watch taking over the monster collecting fans. Anyway, the 3DS remake of DQM2 is the best 3DS game i have had the chance to play yet. Maybe DQMJ3 will come, DQMJ2 didn't sell very well, but its a loved game.
DQ10 is impossible unless its the PS4 version, but still pretty hard due to the amount of content. In Japan they just released the third major update.
Rocket Slime 2 (3) is somewhat in a better position: they stated the sales of Rocket Slime were much better than they expected, even if it was no EU release.
Theathrythm is the same as Rocket Slime, and both games have far less text than the other games.
DQ11 will probably come for PS4, not so sure about the 3DS release.

Everyone knows SE has a thing for Sony's homeconsoles, and Sony wants to push the PS4 internationally. So wants SE. Almost all their currently announced games are for it: FF15, DQ Heroes 2, DQ Builders, DQ11, World of FF, KH3 and Project Setsuna.

Lets hope we have a nice surprise later today in that Nintendo Direct... i don't wanna believe Healix becoming a hero today is just a coincidence... (Which probably is)

13th Nov 2015, 16:45
Well, two of those games can be crossed from the list now as they were confirmed to be released in the west next year.

14th Nov 2015, 02:08
If DQ7 can be released in the West 3 years after its japanese release, the Monsters games can too

16th Nov 2015, 09:55
3yrs later is pretty terrible though, remember when DQ4-6 got released, we had no idea it was coming out until all of a sudden it was coming out. that is REALLY poor treatment of a very popular and long running series! it took 3-4yrs for SE to even release type-0 one of the main entries of the FF series outside of japan.

it still doesn't change the fact that we didnt get the ps3 version for Dragon Quest Heroes. and i seem to remember hearing something about a supposed wii u version of the game?

17th Nov 2015, 19:20
Its sad that DQ7 has have to wait 3 years since its 3DS remake to get released in Europe (spring 2013 in Japan, early summer 2016 everywhere else). DQ8 in the other hand is coming here after 1 year (late summer 2015 in Japan, ¿fall-winter 2016 everywhere else?). Anyway, 3 years is too much for any game , specially if it belongs to your number one series in your own country and its also part of your longest running series. But hey we're finally geting them so i'm not gonna complain about the best news of the whole year for me.

About Heroes: i think Sony did that themselves to push the PS4 sales a little more (i can see us only getting the PS4 version of Persona 5 for the same reason, for example). I've never heard of any Wii U version of it. The only connection i can make between Heroes and Wii U is that Hyrule's Warrior's success was one of the key factors why SQEX decided to bring Heroes here... Btw, there are hints to a Steam release.

20th Nov 2015, 22:10
maybe that was why i got confused with the wii u. nah, i bet atlus will put P5 on both systems if the game is a dual platform release.

i am a bit saddened as well that we are getting FF Explorers about 1yr after the game came out in japan, where as before, the pushed out the theatrhythm games and other filler titles pretty fast before. and as i said, type-0 is part of the ff13 universe, the way versus13/ff15 is, and due to whatever was going on in the SE company we had to wait a long time for both those titles. i am still a bit miffed about ff15 being on next gen consoles, as i had bought a ps3 due to seeing the official 2011 trailer for it, stating it was on the ps3. i dont see why they couldnt just multi-platform release it on all systems like they did with thief, and tomb raider legend (low res version on ps2, hi-res version on 360)

20th Nov 2015, 22:12
i do wonder though, i think i saw that when dq heroes got released there was a limited edition controller, didnt they do something like that for the dq8 ps2 version w/ the slime controller? i wonder if there are any DQ slime faceplates for the n3ds.

21st Nov 2015, 12:00
To be fair, DQ8 is getting the same treatment as FF Explorers.
They did a special Metal Slime PS4 for Heroes and now a Metal Slime PS Vita for Builders. Th also did special versions of 3DS for Monsters 3D (slimey regular 3DS) and Monsters 2 3D (special 3DS XL). The good thing is you can import the metal slimes ps4 and psv and still play american/european games without problem because there is no region block. Can't say the same about the 3ds :(


As for n3ds plates, i haven't seen anything yet, but i know there are protectors for regular 3DS and 3DS XL

22nd Nov 2015, 04:47
so the top one isnt a face plate, just like a skin thing?

22nd Nov 2015, 13:56
No, its the skin of a regular 3ds. Maybe they will make some n3ds plates for Joker 3 or DQ 11.