View Full Version : Lara's Attitude, Personality and Behaviour

10th Nov 2015, 05:39
Let's talk about Lara! In Rise of the Tomb Raider, her attitude and personality have evolved dramatically since her adventures on Yamatai. Lara is more verbal, conversational...and even more badass. For example, without spoiling anything, there is a scene where Lara almost uses the C word! :eek: I was shocked, surprised and utterly thrilled to the point where I jumped off the chair and screamed, "YAAASSS!"

It's great to see Lara more believable in a sense, where exclamations aren't always PG-13 in the real world. I really love that they've embraced the M rating and have taken a more mature and adult-oriented experience. In the first two hours, I've heard Lara swear more than in the entire game of Tomb Raider (2013) and I LOVE it.

18th Nov 2015, 05:29
Me as well, her sarcasm towards certain characters and her emotions are on another level from the first outing. I love love LOVE where her character is headed and I honestly was super into the story in this game. I love how personal it got with her history and hearing her thoughts from a human standpoint and not a superhero one lol. Crystal has done a fantastic job again and I seriously cannot wait for the next game. Lara is definitely the queen ����

18th Nov 2015, 19:26
I loved Lara's portrayal. :D

- I love how deeply she stares into Konstantin's eyes as she stabs him in the throat. Best scene.

- The little outbursts in the tombs. I suspect many, many, MANY people will hate this because reasons, but I was quite amused when I found myself expressing the same thoughts as hers.

- I don't particularly understand why so many people hate that there's a family backdrop to the whole story, but the ending makes it very clear Lara's setting off to make her own name instead of her father's,

so I can't wait to see what comes next.

21st Nov 2015, 17:09
I really enjoyed how they did the family aspect this time around. I didn't mind it too much in LAU, but that was basically the concept that the trilogy revolved around entirely. With Rise of the Tomb Raider, family was a motivator, not a destination, so to speak. Lara is still her independent, ambitious self, but she's not running all over creation trying to find her mother only for her to end up dead (talk about anti-climactic). She's on her own mission inspired by her guilt for resenting her father and failing to support him, believing he was mad like everyone else, when in reality, he was right and Trinity is what ruined his credibility and ultimately, his life.