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29th Jun 2002, 23:29
Originally posted by me on the old forums, just wanted to keep this thread going, if you have not posted before, post now! ;)

Please use this thread to recognize any member of the Tomb Raider Level Editor Forums for their help with an individual problem, or a contribution to the whole community. I will start with a few, please add as many as you want.
Driber_IF, Data, and tommy tomb raider-
you all are great mods, and have all contributed great levels/outfits etc.
Thank you!!

hteS- You have posted many ideas for levels, helped people with problems, and you are also a great mod for tombraiderforums.com Thank you!!!

Piega- You have made many inspiring levels, and some annoyingly amazing pictures. Nice job, and thank you also!!!

Larzbritish- You are always a friendly person, and make great suggestions for people to improve their levels, and you make a great TR Tailor! Thanx!!!

TRWad- You make the programs that everyone uses often, I couldn't use trle without your help, Thanx TRWad!!

The Sage of Time- You always come up with the best objects and animations, your playable Sophia helped me out alot. Thank you!!

TREEBLE- Your organization of the TRLE Community level project has been a great contribution to the trle members. Thank you TREEBLE!!

Geckokid- Beneath the Forbidden City was a major step in TRLE history, and you have done a great job at the forums, too, Thanx Geckokid!

psiko- COTW was also a huge success for TRLE, and your custom objects and animations were great inspiration for everyone. Thank you psiko!!

JohnLincoln- Your great Lara's home series made many heads turn, your levels have been a great success, and we all await the arrival of Lara's London Home. Thanx!!

Harly Wuson- Your great custom objects and animations have spread many ideas throughout the TRLE community, keep up the good work, and Thank you!!

Please keep posting recognitions for trle forums members!

El Diablo
30th Jun 2002, 06:47
RedLegg, Grey Mouser and all the others at Eidos - Thank you for this new forum! :D

Originally posted by Chronicles5
hteS- You have posted many ideas for levels, helped people with problems, and you are also a great mod for tombraiderforums.com Thank you!!!


(I am hteS! ;))

30th Jun 2002, 09:52
THX to
Tomo for his great enemys
Fips for his cooool objects

30th Jun 2002, 13:14
I'll post mine again, in acase if someone missed it.

Jeffery van Oort and El Diablo: Gave good level design tips.

TR_Freak: A good friend from the old TRLE forum.

TR Wad: Made several break-throughs in the LE.

Turbo Pascal: All his help and programs that he has created

Data: Always has advise about lifes situations. Also creates a GREAT castle enviorment.

DriberBallZ: a great mate that playes jokes on others and doesn't really care when a joke is played on him for a change :D .

The Sage of Time: Another good friend from the old TRLE forum. Great achievements have been done including the first playable character other than lara.

Others: All others that have kept my intreast in the level editor, and have encourged the length of my abilities. (ie: the the one who requested the dead lara ;) )

30th Jun 2002, 13:43
Originally posted by El Diablo:

(I am hteS! ;))

oh hey! i was wondering when youd get to the new forums! ;)

30th Jun 2002, 18:18

and btw El Diablo, if you are to read this, check your pm's ;)

30th Jun 2002, 18:37
Originally posted by Chronicles5

JohnLincoln- Your great Lara's home series made many heads turn, your levels have been a great success, and we all await the arrival of Lara's London Home. Thanx!!

awwww!! what a nice thing to say!!! thankyou!!! :)

30th Jun 2002, 18:40
hey you deserve it!!! btw, how was wales?? hope you had fun! :D

30th Jun 2002, 21:55
yes, it was great thanx! it was nice to get away for a bit and have a rest from work :)

30th Jun 2002, 22:02
glad you had a good time, everyone deserves a break now and then huh? :D

30th Jun 2002, 22:18
yeppers :D

2nd Jul 2002, 23:18
I'd like to give big thank you's to:-

LarzBritsh for all his advice and help regarding my outfits, and his comments/support on them!

MountainDewNut-For the same, plus making me a custom outfit for Lara, a HUGE thank you for that!

Netslider for including me in his project :)

Tommy Tomb Raider for his excellent meshes

The Mask who worked hard on the ultimate tools list for Tomb Raider Level Editor, and everyone else who contributed.

The mods, for doing a good job, and Driber for light comic relief :p and working hard on the FAQS page.

And a big thank you to anyone else who I may have forgotten, and to everyone who has contributed to this forum

30th Aug 2002, 01:32
Here's an old thread that deserves a bump.

30th Aug 2002, 01:35
Was just going to say:

"wow! this thread was brought back from the grave!" :D

31st Aug 2002, 10:35
a worthy update to this thread would be: Data, for all her effords on the TRLE Awards http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif

31st Aug 2002, 10:56
I wanna thank everybody who ever replied to my posts! I don't take that for granted and I'm really happy about that allthough I'm not very often in the forum because I#m allway busy. (It's allway yourself making your stress ;))

Everybody for replying more than one time and beeing pacient with my sometimes slow mind. :p :rolleyes:

Also i wanna than people that develop all the little things in the Level Editor and share them with the community and not keeping them for their own level, e.g. Daniel could have kept his Sheeva but instead he shared it with all of us! Hey that's really cool! :cool: ;)

Moreover i wanna thank the moderators of this forum for keeping it clean and objective!

Last but not least I wanna thank everbody who ever created a level which someone else could play and hopefully enjoy! :D :)

31st Aug 2002, 16:44
I want to thank every one as well and tomo, trwad, and harly wuson for making the possiblilities endless, just when you think that the trle is dieing out they come up with something new and exciting, not only them but several others have to as well.

thank you

19th Oct 2002, 01:35
Blind Intensions: Your outfits are awesome and very uniqe. Your level of creativity exceeds the amount of most others. You have given me much inspiration and have helped me in situations I though impossible.
For this I wish to thank you for your hard work to bring happiness to others.

Chronicles5: A true friend whose opinoin always matters. You have helped me expand my Cad designing skills to a new level by asking me to create objects that I wouldn't normally create, because I thought the task was to hard. It always makes me happy when you ask me to create these objects, because I feel that I am wanted. Your levels are brilliant, I have seen a few other levels that truly capture the player into the atmosphere.

Kurtis Trent: Another true friend of mine that's always there for me. Whenever I need advice, or someone to vent to, your always there for me. It's a pleasure getting to know you. You have a lot of potential in the TRLE world and I hope that you will use it to it's fullest extent. I hope that in the days to come, you will gain much knowledge and use it to help others on this board.

Kurtis Trent
19th Oct 2002, 03:26
Lets see

Chronicles5- Who's probably getting annoyed me asking for help all the time. j/k. Thank you soooooo much!!! Your levels are awesome!!

MountainDewNut- A great friend who is always giving helpful tips and inspiration. And also making a character for my first custom, Thank you!!!!!! The best luck to The Jade Moon and future custom levels!!

LarzBritsh- A great webmaster and outfit maker with great ideas and always open to listening. Thakn you!!

19th Oct 2002, 09:43
The biggest tribute must be the entire TRLE community that always finds the time to help each other and never cause problems for others.

I believe we finally have a community forum to be proud of. ;)

19th Oct 2002, 14:09
I want to thank TRWad and Turbo Pascal for giving us such great tools and every members of the forum for helping me out whenever I need and for being such good friends to me. I also want to thank each member of the TROLC project for keeping it going and staying alive. ;)

19th Oct 2002, 15:54
Originally posted by Data
The biggest tribute must be the entire TRLE community ...
And special thanks to :

E. Popov for his outstanding TRViewer
Turbo Pascal for his excellent STRPIX3 and for releasing informations about TR Wad file format
Aktrekker for his TR2PRJ and for releasing informations about TR Project file format
Data for her Castle Doomsday's series and for being a very nice and active moderator
Litepulsar and Lara_croft_AOD/Danny.k for designing very attractive Lara outfits
DriberBallZ for his hard and helpful work on TRLE FAQs and TRLE Archives and for being a cool moderator
John Lincoln/JohnnyZ for his Lara's London home
John Dodis for his convenient TBuilder
M.L Jelarcic for his convenient TR Wad Editing Studio (TRwest)
XXX for releasing informations about TR1-3 format (TRosetta stone)
Others for investing many hours of their free time to build custom levels, objects and tools, for sharing information and for keeping this forum alive and mostly interesting :)


19th Oct 2002, 20:38
well I would like to thank all those who have been welcoming and supportive of me when I needed it. This community has been the foundation of a lot of hard work by all editors.

I am proud to be a member of the TRLE for as long as I have. There have been many changes in the line up here but I am enclined to agree with Data that I think, in my own words, the 'good old days' might finally have returned. Lets just hope I haven't jinxed us all ;)

Personal shouts to Lara Severi - a good friend and is a TRLE oldie alongside me

Robbase - for being helpful in the past and present - i miss our chats

colin grigson - he and mike ran a cool site, i haven't seen it for months!

john lincoln - thanks for being on the design team! and for all the support and loyalty you showed me

driber - thanks for everything - you french maniac!

data - your posting style scared me at first, but i loves ya! <sniffles>

sage - for being cool and funny. letting us play as sophia and all your hard work with natla - even though you lost her <big sniffles>

seth - FOR EVERYTHING and being so cool and keeping trclothes alive

larz, litepulsar and danny, all outfit makers - for keeping my favourite passtime alive and prosperous! who would have thought 3 years down the line we would have such a huge amount of artists amongst us!?

there are so many people to mention - trwad, moutaindewnut, tommy tomb raider, leeO, mirai, gecko, turbo pascal - STRPIX without whom we would have no outfit design!

sorry if i forgot anybody, i could be editting this message for the rest of my days on this earth, so please accept my apologies if i forgot to mention you! its been a long day!

you all know i think the world of all of you. even though i rarely post now, this is still MY home :)

to the editors!.....

Kurtis Trent
19th Oct 2002, 23:08
Blind Intentions, Litepulsar, TRANGEL, and all other outfitters- Without you guys (and gals:D) we would have our same old Lara, in the same old clothes, a special thanks go's to Blind Intentions for making a playable Kurtis, which I will use in future levels, THANK YOU!!!!!

19th Oct 2002, 23:14
To Chronicles5: For making some of the best custom signatures seen on these boards yet.

20th Oct 2002, 10:32
Originally posted by Mgardiner
To Chronicles5: For making some of the best custom signatures seen on these boards yet.

Of course we must not forget Staticons inventive designs, although he is mainly on the Community chat. ;)

20th Oct 2002, 18:51
Absolutely everyone on the forum - I'm sure most of you have come to my rescue at some point - I have had enough disasters over the past year or so to keep you all busy!! Thanks people! :D

Blind Intentions
20th Oct 2002, 19:50
LarzBritish- You are a great guy to chat with and have helped me so much since I joined the forums. If it wasnt for you I'd have pulled every strand of hair out of my head by now. Thanks a billion!:)

MountainDewNut- Your honest critique (whether positive or negative) regarding my outfits has helped me out a lot in improving them. You never sugar coated anything and I really admire that.

Litepulsar- Thank you thank you thank you for helping me with my outfits and mesh problems. Your talent shows with every new beautiful outfit you come out with.

Danny K - I'm jealous of you:p. Need I say more? hehe

21st Oct 2002, 01:41
Moose, Pwhirl, Chaindog2000, long time now... this thread is kinda wierd, from a psychological point of view...

21st Oct 2002, 13:16
I'd like to thank Theresa (are you still around?) and Everyone who's still around from her board. Without you, the TRCP would never have been released! Thank you!

I'd also like to thank the following (in no special order):

Treeble: For helping me through the tough times. Without you, the TRCP would have died with version 6 of "The Caves". When my computer died, I lost everything! You helped convice me to keep going with it. Thank you!

Aktrekker: For making TR2PRJ, PRJMerge and TRFix. These tools saved me lots of times! Thank you!

Michael L. Jelarcic (any chance you're still around somewhere?): For making TRWest. You made our first WAD editor and lots of us were very thankful for it! Thank you!

TRWad: For making FontEdit, TR2WAD, WADMerger, AI_Edit and FloorEdit. With Wadmerger, combined with StrPix3, we now have the ultimate WAD editing program! Thank you!

Turbo Pascal: For making not only StrPix 1, 2 and 3, but for TReditor3D, Rview, TrC2Tr4, TrTextur, Return2, ReMap, Trscp and probably some others I missed. You were the first to realize a TR editor. Quite a feat, considering you had little to work with. I've been there since the beginning, and I hope to be there if you ever decide to give it up (please don't!). You're work is simply amazing. Thank you!

Ale: For making TR_EXE, TR_PRJ and TR_WAD. Despite a number of criticisms, your programs have proven to be very useful to me! Thank you!

E. Popov: For making TRViewer. I have yet to fully understand it, but it has given me some insight as to how Tomb Raider works! Thank you!

Roy: For making TRItem. Your program, combined with Turbo's Room Viewer, have been very helpful during my conversion! Thank you!

Stefan Schneider: For making Jack! This STILL the only way to extract room textures (as far as I know). And, from what I understand, was the first TR editing program period (other than CORE's)! As The Vagrant says, "You did *G.O.O.D*!". Thank you!

The Vagrant: For hosting and maintaining a site for the UnOfficial Tools. Without you, I would have never discovered the UnOfficial Tools! Thank you!

And, finally, CORE: For making Tomb Raider so great in the first place! Thank you!

Oh, and if I forgot anybody, my apologies! It's been a long night and my brain isn't functioning up to specks :). To those I have forgotten, Thank you!

21st Oct 2002, 13:21
Originally posted by Netslider
I also want to thank each member of the TROLC project for keeping it going and staying alive. ;)


21st Oct 2002, 14:20
Originally posted by Data
Of course we must not forget Staticons inventive designs, although he is mainly on the Community chat. ;)
Of course, it was him that started my sig-making. :D

ROTC, what do you find wrong with this thread??? It's actually pretty ancient, it's been around since these new (well not really new anymore heh) forums started, and it's still alive today, if it's that good a thread, then what's the problem with it??? :confused:

Kurtis Trent
21st Oct 2002, 21:38
Originally posted by KingSpyder


The Return Of Lara Croft