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Thorin Oakenshield
29th Jun 2002, 23:28
Hi All,
I'm new to this forum so if this has been asked before sorry:rolleyes:

I cannot get TRC to work on my w2k machine:(

Are there any fixes/patches:confused: Who else uses w2k or winXP?


30th Jun 2002, 00:13
Off of Eidos Interactive it says:
Additionally, Tomb Raider Chronicles is not supported using Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT or Windows emulators. Although the game may run, its performance and stability will be questionable. There will be no official patches or updates to that will allow this game to run on these platforms.

Although you aren't out of luck TR Chronicles.com has a patch, although I don't believe it is official.
TR Chronicles Patches (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tr5/utilities.html)

Ohh and 1 question. How come you have a registration date of Sept. 2001?

30th Jun 2002, 06:41
I dont think you need the patch.. go to your Tomb.exe
right click and choose properties. Go to the compatability tab and choose "make compatible with windows 98". It worked for me..goodluck.

PS. new member with 91 posts?

Thorin Oakenshield
30th Jun 2002, 10:45
Thanks for the reply guys. I'll try both ways. I really want to play TRC again. Win 98 keeps crashing for me (something to do with the chipset drivers and the mobo:rolleyes: )so I went the w2k way. I would really like to work a bit more on my TR level again too.

I've come over from the thief forum, One of our moderators has been able to put our registration dates back to how they were originally. As for the post count, I went a little crazy in all the newness:D

Thanks again. ;)

1st Jul 2002, 02:33
Hey we could have registered way back in September? Weird.