View Full Version : ESL advertisement needed

9th Nov 2015, 17:32
Okay you changed the price structure of ESL to make it "better" just so you could calm down us pesky competitive players (grrr!) but we've gotten nothing from it so far because there aren't enough teams competing.
Now I very much doubt that the issue here is that there aren't enough teams out there that WOULD LIKE TO compete, it's just that majority of them has no freaking idea ESL even exists for Nosgoth.

We desperately need some advertisement from the devs or we will never get a bigger scene, word of mouth strategy just is no cutting it. Please add some flashy in-game announcement with a link that you can click on and it takes you directly to ESL, explaining how easy (and free!) it is to sign up and battle it out. It's been long enough already where the constructed competitive scene gets shafted while the run of the mill solo queue grinder gets those delicious prizes.

9th Nov 2015, 17:41
Didn't we write this back when the change happened?
We did, did we?
I think so.

(Spoiler: I am being sarcastic)