View Full Version : following in rio's foot steps

29th Jun 2002, 23:09
here is my book...hope u like it...it was kindly hosted by DKSM...

plz post reviews...chapters 2 + 3 dont work yet...but 2 will soon. 3 will be up by the end of next wknd!


30th Jun 2002, 04:15
I think the first two chapters are really good. There are a few spelling and grammer errors, but nothing that stopped me from understanding. Anxiously await Chapter 3.

30th Jun 2002, 08:52
thanks...about the spelling errors, i live in South Africa, we spell several things diffferently....and i'll work on the grammar...thanx for the review...i have already started chapter3...

2nd Jul 2002, 05:49
Will you be posting your up coming chapters her or just at the general OT forum?