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9th Nov 2015, 02:19
Really can't play ranked anymore. And I think I'm not the only one suffering from this. The problem is - I can't choose, or simply check what region lobby server is, when I get into the ranked lobby. If I can't choose it at this stage then I'm forced to start game blindfold. Hopping dice drop will not be on NAm, bcz there I got unplayable ping(~250), can't play at all , summing all the team.

I'm starting to doubt, that dev team really concerned in any feedback at all.
I was writing about this issue for a several times, since lobby in ranked get anonymized. It's really easy to fix, and it will not touch any balance.

9th Nov 2015, 05:26
Haha, now try being an Aussie.

You merely adopted the lag. I was born in it.

9th Nov 2015, 05:53
Dude, on EU where I'm playing all the time , I have a "minimal" ping ~180, but still got a few things to show ;) But ~250 seems unplayable anyway.

9th Nov 2015, 11:48
That is a pretty raw deal too then, sounds much like my ranked experience . 180-200 on US west (best case scenario), 250-300 on east/europe. And yeah for me west is bad but semi playable, east/eu is a waste of time.

9th Nov 2015, 11:52
You merely adopted the lag. I was born in it.

Lag or fail. There is no try.

10th Nov 2015, 08:47
What I absolutely dont understand, when 7 EU-Players and 1 US-Player are playing on a NAm-Server...
Had this few times..