View Full Version : Incompatible with Samsung Galaxy S3 after update

8th Nov 2015, 20:46

After the latest update, the game became incompatible to play on my Samsung Galaxy S3 tablet. The update cannot be done because of the incompatible system, preventing me to play the game.
I have Android version 4.4.2, with all system updates up-to-date.

Slightly dissapointed about this. Is there anyway the game can become compatible again?

10th Nov 2015, 03:18
This game is called Relic Run, not Run on a Relic. Haha. Seriously, that tablet is too outdated for modern gaming.

10th Nov 2015, 10:16
The game used to be working just fine on it, and I'm pretty sure it can still work on it.

Researching this issue shows that developers are able to disallow certain devices to download an app (incompatible), and this can be bypassed with a rooted device.

EDIT: Well managed to update the game somehow, but it keeps crashing on loading. More people have the same issue that the game keeps crashing after the update.