View Full Version : First Level: Time Challenge 6:00 (PS4)

7th Nov 2015, 01:49
We can't beat the time challenge of the first level (or tutorial level as you might call it).

We're playing 3-player Co-op and despite knowing the course by heart, all our upgraded weapons, speed+ amulets etc the fastest we can get is 6:26 (27 seconds man!!)

It's driving us crazy because it's the last challenge we need to complete to get the Gold Trophy.

And we just feel that we can't possibly go any faster, yet we never make it. Does the time include cutscenes? Because we skip all the ones we can.

Please help? Advice?

7th Nov 2015, 12:09
I'd suggest going solo. It's probably the hardest level when it comes down to time and score challenges, which is ironic considering it's the first lol. I have a video (https://youtu.be/d3IRMRJoEtk) up, but going by what you posted the moment you try it solo you'll do it without a problem. :)