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6th Nov 2015, 17:45
Here is also my first Vampire Class idea for Nosgoth. I hope this doesn't sound too OP a class, but I am open to suggestions/possible reworks for these abilities or weapons.

DICLAIMER: I apologize if any of these ideas or abilities sound similar to anyone else's (haven't checked the forums that much).

The Sanguin have an insatiable lust for blood, whether that be for humans or even, on rare occasions, their own kind. Sanguin can consume the blood of their fallen allies (if a body remains) at 75% reduced normal healing than from a human body. (Another possible passive would be that when scaling a wall, the Sanguin would 'glide' up it as opposed to climbing it normally... the speed from this would still be the normal climbing speed.)

Special Attacks:

Blood Bolt (Default): Sanguin sacrifices 5 – 15% of their total health to charge for 3 sec. a powerful bolt of blood dealing 250% of the sacrificed health to attack their enemies. If the bolt misses, any health sacrificed is not regained. If the bolt hits an enemy, the Sanguin's sacrificed health is refunded and they are healed for 10% of the total damage from the bolt. 3 sec. cooldown. This ability can kill you if your health is too low.

Transfusion: Blood Blot deals 20% less damage to enemies, however Blood Blot can now target allies to heal them for 50% of normal damage over 2 sec. Health sacrificed in this way is not refunded. 5 sec. cooldown. This ability can kill you if your health is too low.

Primary Abilities:

Steal Essence (Default): After a short charge-up, Sanguin steals 20% of the enemy target's current health, temporarily adding it to the Sanguin's total health for 10 sec. Upon casting it a second time before the duration runs out, Sanguin expels a torrent of blood around themselves, dealing damage to enemies and lightly healing allies within the radius for 150% (100% healing to allies) of the bonus health. The bonus health is lost upon reaching the end of the duration or the second cast; should the Sanguin die in this way, they will explode, damaging nearby enemies and healing his nearby allies for 10% increased effect (the 2nd cast effect is canceled in favor of the death bonus effect). 20 sec. cooldown once effect ends.

Leech: Sanguin dashes forward, latching themselves to the nearest human within range and begins siphoning health from the victim for 3 sec. Sanguin is healed for 75% of the damage dealt by this ability. The human is also debilitated from using their abilities and fighting... though they can still walk, albeit slowly (Sanguin can still be targeted by other humans). 15 sec. cooldown once effect ends.

Secondary Abilities:

Mark of Blood (Default): Sanguin marks a single enemy for 5 sec., increasing direct damage they take by 15% and heals attackers for 10% of the damage dealt to the target for 4 sec. Blood Bolt's healing effect is increased by an additional 15% for the caster. 15 sec. cooldown.

Life Link: Sanguin binds themself to an ally, splitting any damage done to themselves or their linked target evenly for 7 sec. The effect will cancel early if either one of them die or if Sanguin re-casts the ability. 18 sec. cooldown upon deactivation.

Blood Talisman: 20% of maximum health is healed back to the Sanguin over 5 sec. 30 sec. cooldown.

6th Nov 2015, 19:30
The next vampire class is confirmed to be the Rahabim, who eventually evolve to be immune to water unlike the other clans. They were codenames Aluka, which means "leech" back in Soul Reaver 1 and quick feeding and health recovery was key to their adaptation to water. So some of the health stealing abilities you suggested could still be appropriate. They did end up kind of shark like, and it's well known that sharks go into a frenzy when they smell a drop of blood even at a long distance.

Rahab was really into the adapt to survive philosophy, so a lot of suggestions in the Rahabim Ideas thread revolve around that. You should take a look.

6th Nov 2015, 20:22
Rahab was really into the adapt to survive philosophy, so a lot of suggestions in the Rahabim Ideas thread revolve around that. You should take a look.

I'll take a look. Thnx for the info. =)

6th Nov 2015, 20:51
Your ideas remind me a lot of League of Legend's Vladimir Blood Lord.

But that aside, the next class with be Rahabim (SR1's water vampires) as Vampmaster said...so i don't know how much these blood abilities would fit into them.
Although, taking into consideration Kain had blood abilities in BO1, it's not unheard of:

Blood projectile (costs blood, but steals blood)

Steal of nearby blood sources