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6th Nov 2015, 03:22
So here's my first Human Class idea for Nosgoth. I hope this doesn't sound too OP a class, but I am open to suggestions/possible reworks for these abilities or weapons.

DICLAIMER: I apologize if any of these ideas or abilities sound similar to anyone else's (haven't checked the forums that much).

The Duelist specializes in toe-to-toe and hardened by combat when facing against vampires one-on-one. Equipped with duel throwing daggers, these specialized blades were designed not just for throwing, but also dealing with up-close and personal enemies.

Weapons: The default daggers are naturally fast (about halfway in between the Hunter's basic attack with normal weapons and the Scout's basic attack with normal weapons) and usually have a special effect when used as melee instead of ranged. The default dagger deals 10% additional damage when used in melee.

Serrated Shanks: Normal attack speed, decreased damage, and causes vampires to bleed for 2 sec. Melee: Deals 5% increased damage and causes vampires to bleed for 4 sec.

Beveled Dirk: Faster attack speed, decreased damage, and throws two additional daggers with the third throw (each dealing 100% of weapon damage). Melee: Attack speed increased by 10%.

Iron-bound Duelers: Slow attack speed, increased damage, and can slightly slow the movement speed of vampires. Melee: Attacks have a slight chance to parry enemy melee attacks, dealing an additional strike with 25% less damage of normal basic attacks (this occurs once every 15 sec. when activated).

Special Attacks:

Duel (Default): Toggle between your ability to throw or make quick melee strikes with your basic attacks. Damage dealt is increased by 5% of total damage and the Duelist may attack while sprinting (canceling the sprint) while in melee stance. Cooldown between switches lasts 5 sec.

Power-Throw: After a short charge-up, you throw a powerful skill-shot dagger (little/no projectile arc), staggering vampires on contact. 15 sec. cooldown.

Primary Abilities:

Hook & Chain (Default): If in range, deals damage to the target vampire, and the vampire is unable to attack and is pulled toward the Duelist for 3 sec. Duelist is unable to move or attack for the duration (if successfully catching a vampire and can be canceled early). Vampires can fight against this chain before it breaks to try and maintain distance (Reavers, Sentinels, and Tyrants can break this effect early with their respective abilities). Climbing and flying vampires are immediately pulled down to the ground in front of the Duelist (chain breaks immediately in this scenario). 15 sec. cooldown.

Heightened Reflexes: When activated, this ability will remain active for 3 sec. or until triggered. The Duelist immediately dodges the first/next melee attack made against him and deftly maneuvers behind the attacking vampire. The next attack made by the Duelist deals 25% additional damage. 10 sec. cooldown starts when ability finishes it's duration or is triggered.

Secondary Abilities:

Sleight of Hand (Default): The Duelist throws a concussion explosive, dealing damage and knocking the affected vampire down. This ability may be used while debilitated and will stick the vampire with the explosive (ex. Tyrant's Throw, and Sentinel’s Kidnap & Abduct. NOT usable when being controlled by Deceiver's Dominate Mind or debilitated by Reaver's Pounce or Savage Pounce). 15 sec. cooldown.

Envenom: The Duelist's daggers are coated with a poison that harms vampires, dealing damage over time for 4 sec. that starts out strong then decreases in damage for the remaining duration. Poison lasts on daggers for 5 sec. 15 sec. cooldown.

Paralyzing Sting: The Duelist lunges forward a short distance (shorter than, but slightly similar to the Deceiver's Back Stab & Infect ability), revealing a hidden needle coated with a poison that slowly paralyzes vampires. While only dealing light initial damage, the vampire becomes gradually slower in attacks and movement, dealing slightly less damage (no less than 75% total damage). Effect lasts 5 sec. and vampires get slower as the duration continues. 15 sec. cooldown.

6th Nov 2015, 20:23
Anyone have any thoughts on this class?

6th Nov 2015, 20:42
Anyone have any thoughts on this class?

I think no...
He seems too melee focused for a human class though, his abilities seem more fit to a vampire class.

6th Nov 2015, 21:04
I know, but that was the idea. He's supposed to be able to go toe-to-toe with Vampires, but he's not limited in his ability to fight them at range. While he does have semi-limited ranged capability, he's NOT restricted to melee alone. I hope I gave him enough abilities to choose from to allow for choosing your preferred style of Duelist play.

6th Nov 2015, 22:05
It sounds like a good starting concept for the Assassins of the Eastern Lakes or the Desert Stalkers of the far South, humans the serve under the Scout's faction (Watchers). There is no word of what will be introduced after the last main faction and clan arrive; but many of us hope they do sub classes of the current factions and this seems a good fit for a sub class of the Scout's faction. I do have a few things to suggest.

*Going toe to toe with vamps is the Vanguard's niche, and that is only because of the shield. So I think it is best to reorient towards a more stealthy mindset for the class.

*With the alternate special ability, the Scout gets full draw (your Power-Throw) because the further back you pull a bow string the more poundage you put on it, which increases the speed and power of the arrow as it travels; and I don't believe this principle can be properly replicated with a knife throw, no matter how hard you throw it.

*With the weapon variants, I am interested in the concept of applying different attack speeds and melee damage based on the weapon you choose. I'd love it if they applied this to all human classes, it adds a great dimension to gameplay. You need one more weapon option; and slowing vampire movement seems unnecessary with stopping power already in play, possibly OP if you had both.

*For Primary abilities, Hook & Chain is something many have wanted, either for the Vanguard (because his size makes him most likely to actually yank a vampire off their feet with it) or the Scout (because he already has the hook, we just call Grapple). Sudden Evasion sounds exactly like the Reaver's Evasion, need to rethink that.

*For the Secondary abilities, Envenom sounds good but might be op with the bleeder blades, Sleight of hand feels like the Hunter's sticky grenade, and paralysis sounds nice but I'd personally like it a little more with a different animation.

7th Nov 2015, 01:06
@GenFeelGood Hmm... you make some interesting points. I'll take a look at the class's abilities and see what I can do to adjust for the issues you presented. Here's a few points of my own points on what I saw for the points you mentioned:

*To a degree, I agree with you in the aspect that the Duelist should probably be more stealth-based, since the Scout really is the only human class who has any sort of ability to make them less noticeable. I'll see if I can't do something to make it possible.

*Humanly-speaking, you're correct. I'll take another look at the ability and try for something different.

*I myself have trouble coming up with weapon variants. I usually throw down what first comes to mind and refine it a bit. I'll try to come up with another weapon however. So should I just say that the Iron-Bound Duelers have more stopping power then?

*I figured I wasn't the only one who was interested in having a Hook & Chain ability =P. What about Sudden Evasion do I need to rethink? The name? The way it works? The name I could understand, but you have to remember that this ability only works for ONE melee attack made against you. After that, you can still be targeted by any other attack.

*I could see why Envenom would likely be OP with Serrated Shanks, but I don't believe it's too much more OP. Smart Vampires would be smart to dodge or keep away until the poison buff goes away. As for Sleight of Hand, it's similar, but it does less damage in favor of causing affected Vampires to get knocked down (especially since you can use it while debilitated by the Sentinel or Tyrant). The animation was just an example, I imagine that it would likely be something a bit more different.

7th Nov 2015, 04:27
The name (Sudden Evasion) is really what is in need of a change, considering the word evasion is already utilized in Reaver's ability. The idea behind it is most interesting but it should have a name completely it's own.

I'd also like to suggest an alternate form for the ability. For the next 5-10 seconds after activation, you automatically dodge every standard melee and counters with your own (this includes multiple melees from various opponents). You don't automatically dodge abilities or charged melee; but your dodge roll happens much faster, so you could easily evade if you pay attention.

For the weapon variants, they all seem to follow similar layouts. You have a standard weapon, lighter but faster variant, heavier and slower but more destructive variant, the bleeder variant, and the scatter variant. I would like to suggest using knife styles for the different variants, you already got the dirk so how about the seax, tanto, stiletto, and kris.

10th Nov 2015, 07:38
Im just thinking of guardians in Zephon cathedral from Soul Reaver