View Full Version : Unlocking outfits... ?

6th Nov 2015, 00:07
Anyone tried the latest update yet? It comes with a wide variety of color variants for the outfits but not only they have to be purchased with gems, most of them are also blocked. Anyone know if there are any requirements to unlock them?

(mostly looking at the Hitman costume, but I only have two color variants available for purchase atm)

6th Nov 2015, 08:51
Yeah, I've been wondering if I'd buy for instance the winter outfit, would I get all the other variants of it too. If someone could confirm this, I'd be grateful.
Although my guess would be no, cause blue classic outfit costs 349(?) diamonds.
And those locked variants are probably unlockable by completing some achievements (doesn't achievement "Legend" sound fancy? :) )

10th Nov 2015, 03:24
If you want to get the Agent 47 outfit for free, read your ingame mail. There's a week long contest that ends on 11/15/2015. ;)

10th Nov 2015, 19:09
Oh, I'm going to guess that requires a Google Games account/Facebook integration, as the only message on my game inbox is a special offer, 50% bonus gems for every pack I'd purchase. Oh well. Probably every other variant will be unlocked the same way then.

11th Nov 2015, 11:15
So does anyone know whether you're unlocking all variants of an outfit with one purchase or is it like each color costs diamonds?

11th Nov 2015, 19:51
For some reason they're all unlocked today, but each one has a different cost. I'm guessing they all share upgrades, but you have to buy each variant individually...

11th Nov 2015, 20:36
That's what I wanted to know, thank you.

Nothing is unlocked for me today though, might be a bug for you?

11th Nov 2015, 21:15
I don't know, I thought it was odd too. The app hasn't been updated or anything like that, and I haven't played it that much lately - only roughly once a day to get some coins via supply drop tbh. Don't really know why they show up as unlocked for me but not for you (I'm on Android btw, are you on a different platform perhaps?), but I see little point in having them blocked if you're still going to have to fork out plenty of gems to get them anyway.

11th Nov 2015, 21:22
I'm on Android too, that's very odd, then. Maybe it's something region related, just as some messages are, prices might be coming from a different source, not from the app itself. Maybe it's been just changed that if you buy one outfit, you get all variants? Or are the ones you didn't buy at all unlocked too?