View Full Version : [Xbox One & 360] Unable to Craft Grenade Arrows [Resolved]

5th Nov 2015, 05:31
Known Issue: User is unable to craft grenade arrows if they break the barrier in the Acropolis using the grenade launcher.

Prevention: Collect the grenade arrows before breaking the barrier with the grenade launcher.

Workaround: Use the Backup Save function to restart the Acropolis.

29th Nov 2015, 20:33
Sorry, but once the barrier is destroyed, whatever the mean used (grenade launcher or grenade arrows), Lara stay totally stuck in front of the window as soon as the door is destroyed, and nothing occurs.
I've tried everything, including a tip found on YouTube about this bug (https://youtu.be/7KhzTDygVt8), but it doesn't work (the door does not blow up that way from the inside).

I'm on XBox One, 49% of the game.
Is there a solution to this bug??