View Full Version : Anyone get the popup alert to show when receiving a private message?

29th Jun 2002, 20:18
I've tried sending myself a private message because I wanted to test the popup alert option for private messaging. I did not get a separate popup window alerting me that a new private message was received. Instead I got yanked away from the thread that I was reading and the "Eidos Forums > User Control Panel For Vanguard > Private Messages > Inbox" page appeared (where you manage all your private messages).

It could be that this popup doesn't work. Or it could be that in testing sending a PM to myself doesn't work to show the popup. Or maybe "popup" to this forum software actually means to yank you to your PM Inbox.

29th Jun 2002, 20:48
The popup feature worked fine for me yesterday.

29th Jun 2002, 21:06
Could you send me a private message. The popup did not appear but then I was sending a private message to myself. It may be when sending a private message that the software automatically dumps you to your Inbox, and since I can then see the new test message then maybe the popup won't appear when you are on that Inbox page. Thanks.


Well, this is strange. While posting a new reply, the current posts are supposed to show at the bottom of the newreply page. However, all I see is my 1st [opening] post. TRoosevelt_26's post is not shown below. Often a reply depends on information contained in another post. But if the newreply page isn't going to show all the posts then it'll be very difficult or impossible to refer to info in ANY of the posts in the thread.

29th Jun 2002, 21:30
Another user was kind enough to send me a private message - so, please, no one else needs to send me a PM to test this issue.

Apparently in my setup where I sent myself a private message, after sending it the software took me to my PM Inbox - where I could already see the message in my Inbox. So the popup alert probably doesn't show up if you are already displaying your Inbox, and why I had to have another user send me a PM to test this.

Works great!


And now while adding this additional post I can see TR's post in the list of posts at the bottom of the page. Weird.